Loan for proof via the Internet

An online proof loan is a very popular financial product. This type of loan is currently offered by over 30 different non-banking companies operating online. What is an online proof loan and what is important to know about it? We will answer these and other questions in this article. Many people are in a very difficult financial situation. They are indebted and have a negative credit history in BIK and debts entered in the BIG, ERIF and KRD registers. Bailiffs are pending against them. When they need cash, do they have a chance to find a product that is an online loan with a bailiff? The answer is yes! Persons with bailiff activities can apply for a non-bank loan online. If they only earn a stable income, are of legal age and have an account with one of the Polish banks, they have a chance to receive financial assistance from one of the companies offering loans and non-bank loans. Of course, all lenders, including those online, verify their clients in the Credit Information Bureau, National Debt Register, Economic Information Bureau and ERIF Debtors Register (even if they advertise as companies that do not!). Despite this, however, in marketing messages they provide information that their loans are also intended for people in debt with a debt collector. Such companies include, among others, Rapida – the lender is able to grant loans also to persons with bailiff seizures. Persons registered in the database of debtors with bailiff seizures can apply for all loans online. In practice, however, they have very little chance of receiving them. It may happen that in one of the companies (especially one that offers loans without BIK, KRD, ERIF and for those in debt) they will be positively verified. This may happen if their debts occupied by bailiffs are small (less than PLN 2,000) or are not directly related to previous credit and loan measures and come from unpaid fines, alimonies, etc. All in all, an online loan with a bailiff is a scarce financial product. People with large bailiff activities may rather say goodbye to him. On the other hand, those whose debts are smaller may try to take out a loan from one of the non-bank companies, preferably one that advertises loans for those in debt and with debt collection activities. What does this mean – an online proof loan? The concept of “proof-borrowing via the Internet” suggests that financial assistance under its offer can be obtained completely online, with the mere submission of ID card data. This is of course crap. Identity card is, of course, the only document required by lenders offering loans as proof, but simply having it does not guarantee that you will receive a loan online. Evidence loan online – for whom? Each loan offer referred to as this “for proof via the Internet” is intended for adult Polish citizens who have a valid ID and have a PESEL number and an account with one of the Polish banks. In most companies, it is offered to people with a stable income (in various forms – including retirement, disability or scholarship) and a stable financial situation. For some lenders, a loan for proof can be obtained by the unemployed, who have no creditworthiness, as well as those with low BIK scores and negative entries in business registers. Then a loan is offered as proof without earnings certificates – it is worth finding out more about it. How does it work – loan for proof via the Internet? You can apply for a proof-of-loan loan on the lender’s website. To do this, you must complete the online registration form that provides personal, contact details and information about earnings, expenses and other things that affect the customer’s economic situation. The identity is confirmed by an online transfer to one of the loan company’s bank accounts. Then, waiting for the loan application to be considered, which is verified on the basis of the information provided in the form and the data from BIK and BIG. The decision to grant a loan or to reject an application is received by e-mail or text. The money is paid to the bank account from which the transfer confirming personal data was made. Online proof loan – how much can you borrow and for how long? In loan companies operating on the market, the first loan for proof via the Internet can be obtained in the amount of one hundred zlotys to over one thousand zlotys. The loan amount plus the commission for granting it should be returned in full after the selected period has expired. Most companies grant loans for a period of one day to a maximum of 90 days. How much does an online proof loan cost? The online non-bank loans market is very extensive. A huge number of loan companies offer new customers the first loan for proof via the Internet for free. These include lenders such as Vivus, NetCredit, EasyKredyt and SohoCredit. In other companies, the total cost of the loan is the sum of its amount and commission for granting, the amount of which on average accounts for 20 to 35% of the loan amount. Evidence loan via the Internet is a dynamically developing product. Demand for it is constantly growing, every now and then new non-banking companies are offering such a loan to customers. No wonder – it is simple, fast and inexpensive and is often the only solution to temporary financial difficulties faced by Poles.

A quick loan at your home, is it profitable?

Loans granted at the client’s home are older than installment loans granted online. Nowadays, many have doubts about whether they are profitable. Let’s consider the pros and cons of a quick loan offered at the client’s home. A quick installment loan at the client’s home is a beneficial solution for all those who banks and non-bank companies offering payday loans have refused financial assistance. Why? Because it is granted on individual terms, by the representative of the company – the parabank. A customer applying for such a loan does not need to have a bank account. It may have a negative history in BIK, low scoring, as well as be entered in the registers InfoMonitor, ERIF or KRD. It is not checked in any of these databases. For this reason, it may even have large bailiff seizures that do not affect the final decision on granting the loan. So how is a quick loan granted at the customer’s home? Mainly based on statements of the applicant for financial assistance regarding employment, earnings, expenses and commitments. Depending on the parabanks and the specific habits of their representatives, it can also be granted based on a bank statement for the last few months, water, gas, electricity and telecommunications services bills, PIT form from last year, employment contract, commission and work and other documents and papers that can confirm a representative’s belief in the customer’s creditworthiness. A financial product such as “a quick loan at the customer’s home” is more like a loan than a loan. The loan agreement is long-term and binding, with a repayment period of at least several months. The repayment is divided into equal or decreasing installments, monthly or weekly. In addition, a loan at the client’s home can be granted for a high amount – one that is hardly sought, for example, in companies offering payday loans online. An advantage of a loan at the client’s home is also its immediate cash payment and relatively short time of granting. Unfortunately, a quick loan at the customer’s home is one of the most expensive financial products of this type on the market. This is due to the fact that the total amount to be repaid consists of many independent elements. The first and indisputable is the amount of the loan, the next – the commission for granting it, the next – the cost of home service (representing over 40% of the loan amount, often inadequate to the number of activities related to service). The cost of the loan is also increased by various fees, for example operational or preparatory, as well as interest. Parabanks offering a quick loan at the client’s home repeatedly violate all regulations. They do not inform clients about the actual annual interest rate, giving one which is calculated on the basis of the analysis of interest and commissions themselves, excluding the fees mentioned above. The real cost of a quick loan at your home is over 200%. This means that the client gives over 300% of the amount incurred, which in the case of repayment in installments is simply crushing. Despite this, many clients take out a loan at the client’s home from the parabank and repay it, although this loan is financially unprofitable. Looking at purely economic considerations, a quick loan at the client’s home definitely does not pay off. However, this may be the only form of financial assistance available to persons appearing in BIK, BIG InfoMonitor, KRD, ERIF and with bailiff activities. The decision whether to take it or not should be left to the borrowers themselves.

Installment loan for proof without earnings certificates

Non-bank institutions specializing in offering clients financial products such as short-term loans do not require any income statements in many cases. The so-called installment loan without certificates is granted only on the basis of the borrower’s identity card and his declaration of income, expenditure or financial obligations. The main difference is that no formal income statement is required. What is a earnings certificate? The earnings certificate is a document certifying the source of income, seniority, frequency of remuneration payments or even the amount of salary, presented for informational purposes only. It is used primarily by banks, but also non-bank institutions – of course when granting financial products other than the so-called ID loan without certificates. This is an extremely attractive form for people who with current income would not have the opportunity to consider a loan or loan application in the bank. Who is the loan for proof without certificates for? Loans without certificates are usually used by people whose employment is based on civil law contracts (let us remind you that the Labor Code does not apply to these contracts) – a mandate contract or a specific work contract. Non-bank institutions also orientate themselves in this way to people who have income from sources other than work – they can be, for example, pensions, alimony or maintenance. A installment loan without certificates can also be used by people working in the shadow economy or the unemployed. Growing demand, high granting Evidence loans without certificates have been in high demand for a long time, which seems to be growing from time to time. This is not surprising – this type of loans offered by loan companies have not only attractive conditions for their target group, but are also characterized by a very high level of flexibility. As with other financial products provided by financial institutions, loans without certificates are granted for 30 or 60 days – depending on the arrangements of the company. When it comes to the maximum loan amount without certificates, it is usually PLN 5,000. However, this does not mean that we will not find a company providing short-term loans in the amount exceeding PLN 5,000 on the market. Noteworthy is the fact that the level of granting loans without certificates is also very high. This is a direct result of the lack of a requirement to present a formal statement of earnings and an appropriate statement about your financial situation. This opens the way to installment loans, above all for people employed under civil law contracts, but also those working in the gray economy and the unemployed. Therefore, if we are not able to apply for a loan or a bank loan, it is worth reviewing the loan offers from non-bank institutions offering loans without certificates. Where to take a loan as proof? In today’s payday loans market, proof loans are a very common product. Lender companies are trying to outdo each other in facilitating the loan process to potential clients. An easy and quick way to take out a loan, without unnecessary formalities, entirely via the Internet, is undoubtedly a very attractive vision of withdrawing money. The application for such a loan is submitted completely online, without the need to go to a stationary company headquarters. This significantly speeds up the process of receiving payday pay. The additional fact of not verifying means that the payday loan can be directed to anyone – even when we have many debts to pay. Despite the fact that this product is targeted at people in debt, we should keep some rules when choosing a company. It is worth checking the loan rankings. As a result, we will learn more about loan offers. Often, rankings also include free payday loans included in the promotion, which is the first loan, as well as customer reviews. Many of these companies will grant loans to us, even if we have no creditworthiness. What exactly does no verification mean? This type of loan can be obtained even if we have an unfavorable credit history and we appear in popular debtors’ databases, such as BIK or KRD. We receive money in the same way as for other loans – it is therefore a transfer to an account (having an account is required to obtain a loan). Before taking out a loan, it is worth getting acquainted with the details of the offer, such as, among others, interest rate, amount range, installments, actual annual interest rate, repayment period (how many months), commission, interest, total loan amount or verification transfer and the related amount. One should not forget that we will be bound by a time limit set on the basis of the contract, which we cannot exceed even by a day. This is extremely important – all payments in the form of commitments should be settled within a set time. In each of the companies listed below to submit an application, it is necessary to include in the form such elements as personal data, telephone number, e-mail address and bank account number, i.e. standard data provided when submitting such applications. The loan for proof is available, among others, in such companies as: Finbo – the loan is free, provided that we are the customer for the first time and the repayment will be made on time. In a few minutes, we can take advantage of the loan offer, which is up to PLN 10,000. APRC from 0%, because the company offers the first loan for free, at a cost of 0 PLN. Solcredit – At Solcredit we will get a loan for up to 50 days, i.e. a period of almost two months. The maximum amount is 5000 PLN. If this is the first loan, the APRC is 0%, so the cost is zero. Lendon – Lendon, in turn, offers loans for proof of up to PLN 6,000 for a maximum period of 45 days. APRC for a first loan up to PLN 3,000 is 0%. Therefore, the cost is also PLN 0. Wonga – At Wonga, the maximum loan amount is up to PLN 20,000 for up to 60 months. In this case, the APRC is more than 0%, but the company offers one installment for free. The form should contain such information as personal data, telephone number, e-mail address or bank account number, and of course, data from proof. A loan for proof without certificates is a quick help for people who also need cash. Often, companies that offer payday loans can be contacted around the clock. An online account loan can also be made at night, because the submission of an application and the issuing of decisions is entirely automated and works without human assistance. In some companies, you only need one SMS to submit an application. You can find more information on the websites of companies specializing in this type of loan. Loan for proof in numbers Quick proof loans are an increasingly popular solution – these types of services are already provided by many loan companies, especially in our country. Poland has a very well developed sector of non-bank loans, private loans are also very popular. . It is also worth realizing that the amount of interest is essentially no different from other non-bank loans. Of course, everything goes according to previous arrangements. We should also remember that the cost of payday loan will vary depending on the loan period. The repayment period may vary and is often from 7 days to up to several months. We would not receive such funding in a bank. The final cost is influenced not only by the repayment period (e.g. number of months), but also by other elements such as loan amount. The offers are very diverse in this respect – in one institution we will get, for example, 2,000 zlotys for a few months, in another, for example, it will already be 3,000 zlotys for 7 days. The basic element that we should pay attention to is the APRC percentage – this informs us about the total cost. When do we usually take a loan for proof? Most often, a loan for proof is taken for consumption. Good conditions for late repayment, easy credit and quick access to cash make it easy to get such a loan. All you need is a verification transfer, personal data, phone number and we can enjoy additional money on our account. Very often, the slogans “take a loan in 15 minutes” turn out to be accurate, because the money can appear on the customer’s account even in a quarter of an hour, of which the verification transfer takes us a few minutes – we receive the money almost immediately. It is also worth specifying that loans are granted by banks, while online loans are provided by non-bank institutions. If we are looking for a loan on different terms, we should check other information – what are the bank’s offers. Loan on declaration – what does it mean? In many non-bank institutions, it is also possible to take out a so-called loan based on a statement. What does it mean? We can only take this type of loan on a written declaration in which we guarantee repayment of the sum drawn. You can find more information about this non-bank product in our infographic: A certificate from the employer is not required An online loan in this case does not require a certificate from the employer. In many cases, we simply do not want our employer to be notified of such funding. Let’s repeat again; To obtain such a loan, elements such as personal data, telephone number, personal ID details, e-mail address and bank account number are required. No requirement to show a certificate from the employer allows people who are employed in the gray area to take advantage of the offer. Currently, the selection of ID cards is very wide. It cannot be concealed that we can choose this type of financing according to our strict requirements. You should remember only a few rules when choosing, such as the annual interest rate (APRC) or matching the loan amount to your financial capabilities. If you are considering taking out this type of loan, it is worth reviewing all available offers as widely as possible. Other types of loans Evidence loans without certificates are not the only type of financial product offered by various financial institutions. Other types are also available, such as installment loans. See other types of online installment loans so that you will know today’s non-bank market perfectly. also check Evidence loans without earnings certificates are one of the many opportunities for potential borrowers. Therefore, it is worth analyzing various variants of online loans in such a way as to choose the one that is most suitable for you. Thanks to this, we will be able to not only receive a loan that meets our expectations and requirements, but also that is tailored to our financial capabilities. And this in turn minimizes the risk of insolvency. It is worth remembering when deciding to take a short-term loan in any company. When borrowing these types of payday loans and other loan options, the so-called good borrowing rules should be applied. What does it mean? This means above all a sensible approach to any short-term loans. The question here is what characterizes a sensible approach. The first and most important step of such a loan is to verify your financial capabilities. The next step should be responsible compliance with the agreed repayment deadlines. Thanks to this, we are able to avoid many repayment problems. Although all that is required for a loan is proof, this does not mean that we can use this kind of opportunity hastily. Too reckless use of loans can result in overlapping installments, from which it is extremely difficult to go straight. In such situations, it is worth using the so-called consolidation loan. Nevertheless, if we keep all the rules of good lending, this certainly will not happen to us. So let’s rethink the loan decision many times.

How much does it cost to extend the loan repayment date?

Virtually every company offering non-bank loans and payday loans offers clients an extension of their repayment dates for an additional fee. Its amount varies depending on many factors, such as the amount of the loan, the terms of the contract with the lender and the extension period. Let’s check how much it costs to extend the loan repayment date in non-bank companies. In some loan companies, the conditions and costs of extending a loan are public and already known at the stage of applying for it, in others it is agreed individually with the client. The additional fee for postponing the loan repayment date is charged in advance and paid to the lender’s bank account. The amount of the loan has the greatest impact on its amount. The larger it is, the more expensive it is to extend its repayment period. Usually, if the customer wants to postpone the repayment date of the loan by 30 days, he must take into account the necessity to pay a fee for its extension, representing 20 to 40% of the borrowed amount. By extending the loan period to 14 or 7 days, he pays accordingly less, usually between 10 and 25% of the loan amount. Interestingly, the loan extension fee in 80% of companies offering payday loans is much higher than the sum of debt collection costs and interest added to the total cost of the loan over the extension period! Although paying it guarantees the proverbial peace of mind from debt collection messages, it is not always a viable option. The record difference between the cost of extending the loan and the sum of debt collection fees and interest charged in its period is several hundred zlotys. The loan companies in which it is extremely profitable to simply wait 30 days without extending the loan repayment period are Vivus, SohoCredit, Filarum. Lenders with whom it is better to pay for an extension are NetCredit, LendOn. Of course, if you choose debt collection as an alternative to postponing the loan repayment fee for an additional fee, you should be aware that a particular loan company may refuse to grant another loan. However, this depends on individual factors, such as the current creditworthiness of the client, his history at the particular lender and the relationship of the loan company to the client. To sum up, the standard fee for extending the loan period is 20 to 40% of the amount if the repayment date is shifted by 30 days and 10 to 25% if the repayment date is shifted by a week or two. However, there is a good alternative to this fee, which is submission to debt collection and costing. In some companies, this action allows you to save from several dozen to several hundred zlotys, although there are also lenders for whom it does not pay to take it. The unemployed are doomed to failure in applying for a loan and a bank loan. Banks do not give them financial assistance because they are prohibited by law. Fortunately, there are companies that also grant loans to the unemployed. These are non-bank institutions not covered by financial supervision and thus able to individually determine the conditions for granting loans. We will talk more about them and loans for the unemployed in this article. Most loan companies offer financial assistance to income earners. In practice, however, they also grant loans to non-profit customers. How is this possible? These companies decide to grant loans based on information obtained from customers in the form of a statement. They do not require submission of income certificates, annual tax returns and employment contracts. They grant loans for an ID card and PESEL number to persons in a certain age range. Customers have complete freedom in entering data in loan forms and applications. They may contain information that is incorrect. They can easily confirm them during a phone conversation to verify the source and amount of income. Passing the truth, they ensure themselves the opportunity to use the offers of several popular loan companies, such as min. Wonga, Vivus. What ultimately influences the lenders’ decisions regarding loans to the unemployed? First of all, the information that customers provide in statements. Loan companies analyze their earnings, expenses, debts and housing statuses. They also check their credit history and scoring in BIK, as well as whether they are not entered into the debtors’ databases. If the verification results are satisfactory, companies make positive decisions to grant loans to the unemployed. Are there lenders who direct their offer to the unemployed and grant them loans without having to provide false income data? It turns out that such companies exist on the market. Provident is also a known loan institution that provides financial assistance to the unemployed. The unemployed can also apply for financial help from private lenders. To sum up, loans are granted to the unemployed in all companies offering online payday loans, without income certificates. Non-working customers simply provide them with false data in declarations and applications whose veracity is not verified. Real loans for the unemployed are granted by Kredito24, Provident and private individuals – this type of offer is worth considering as a last resort, because it is very expensive.

Loan without income certificates

Instant payments via the Internet, issued for an ID card without income certificates, have become a popular financial product. Poles are increasingly using this type of loan. No wonder, after all, complicated procedures and high demands placed on banks remove more than 7 million citizens from the group of potential borrowers. Therefore, the only solution to temporary financial problems for them is a loan without income certificates. In popular loan companies such as Wonga, Vivus, Filarum, each loan application is verified on the basis of information provided by the customer. They have the form of a statement. Loan companies do not require any documents confirming income, such as earnings certificates, annual PIT tax settlements or employment contracts. They verify the applicant only in BIK and BIG and if they are not indebted and have no very negative credit history, they grant him a loan. The decision to grant it is also influenced by individual aspects of a single client, such as the amount of income declared by him, monthly expenses and commitments, education, age, housing status or the number of dependents. The loan is uneven, the process of granting it looks slightly different in every company. Some lending companies confirm the amount and source of income during a telephone conversation with a potential borrower, others do not make any attempts to contact the client, and others call the employer’s number provided in the application to directly verify earnings and employment. Instantaneous proof or a loan without certificates is currently a very popular financial product, offered by dozens of Polish and foreign loan companies. It is a convenient form of financial assistance provided for a short period of time, which is worth getting interested in if you cannot take advantage of bank loans and credits. The offer of non-bank institutions includes short-term loans, the process of obtaining which does not include verification of clients in the following databases: ERIF, the National Debt Register and the Credit Information Bureau. These products are primarily focused on indebted people who have a bad financial situation. Customers with a negative credit history and presence in the databases mentioned above are not able to take advantage of loans and credits offered in banks. Non-bank institutions are the alternative. Loans without bikes – what is the maximum amount? At the very beginning, it should be said that financial products in colloquial language functioning as so-called loans without loans are very popular in Poland. These types of short-term loans are in the offer of many loan institutions and companies, thanks to which the choice among individual loans without checking the bases is really wide – without any problem we can choose between interest rates and commissions. What should not escape our attention when discussing a loan without a bik is its maximum amount. While, in fact, the lower limit is usually not determined by non-banking institutions, the upper limit – according to the common rule – is about 5000 PLN. There are, however, cases of companies and institutions available on the Polish market that offer loans without debt, krd and verification in other databases, significantly exceeding five thousand zlotys. It should also be said about the maximum loan repayment period, formal requirements and the process of obtaining this type of financial product. The time for which we can take out loans without a credit card is a maximum of 60 days – but this is not a rule, and in the offers of most non-bank institutions this time is 30 days. It is also worth emphasizing that the money obtained as a result of accepting the loan application may appear after 15 minutes – of course it depends on many factors, such as, among others, the speed of the transfer between the institution’s bank and the client’s bank account. Loan without bik and krd – how to get it? It would seem that obtaining a loan without a loan is a very complex and difficult process, which in practice almost never ends with the acceptance of the application. Nothing could be more wrong. The process of obtaining a loan without a loan takes place entirely via the Internet. It is enough to have access to the network and fill out an obligatory form, which can take us up to several minutes. We will also be informed about the acceptance of the form online, of course if we meet the formal requirements. To be able to get loans without a loan, you must be at least 18 or 21 years old (depending on the requirements set by the non-bank institution), have an ID card or provide proof of income or a statement of financial standing. Persons in financial difficulties and having a court bailiff can also apply for a loan without a loan in a non-bank institution.