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Loan for proof via the Internet

An online proof loan is a very popular financial product. This type of loan is currently offered by over 30 different non-banking companies operating online. What is an online proof loan and what is important to know about it? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

Many people are in a very difficult financial situation. They are indebted and have a negative credit history in BIK and debts entered in the BIG, ERIF and KRD registers. Bailiffs are pending against them. When they need cash, do they have a chance to find a product that is an online loan with a bailiff?

The answer is yes! Persons with bailiff activities can apply for a non-bank loan online. If they only earn a stable income, are of legal age and have an account with one of the Polish banks, they have a chance to receive financial assistance from one of the companies offering loans and non-bank loans.

Of course, all lenders, including those online, verify their clients in the Credit Information Bureau, National Debt Register, Economic Information Bureau and ERIF Debtors Register (even if they advertise as companies that do not!). Despite this, however, in marketing messages they provide information that their loans are also intended for people in debt with a debt collector. Such companies include, among others, Rapida – the lender is able to grant loans also to persons with bailiff seizures.

Persons registered in the database of debtors with bailiff seizures can apply for all loans online. In practice, however, they have very little chance of receiving them. It may happen that in one of the companies (especially one that offers loans without BIK, KRD, ERIF and for those in debt) they will be positively verified. This may happen if their debts occupied by bailiffs are small (less than PLN 2,000) or are not directly related to previous credit and loan measures and come from unpaid fines, alimonies, etc.

All in all, an online loan with a bailiff is a scarce financial product. People with large bailiff activities may rather say goodbye to him. On the other hand, those whose debts are smaller may try to take out a loan from one of the non-bank companies, preferably one that advertises loans for those in debt and with debt collection activities.

What does this mean – an online proof loan?

The concept of “proof-borrowing via the Internet” suggests that financial assistance under its offer can be obtained completely online, with the mere submission of ID card data. This is of course crap. Identity card is, of course, the only document required by lenders offering loans as proof, but simply having it does not guarantee that you will receive a loan online.

Evidence loan online – for whom?

Each loan offer referred to as this “for proof via the Internet” is intended for adult Polish citizens who have a valid ID and have a PESEL number and an account with one of the Polish banks.

In most companies, it is offered to people with a stable income (in various forms – including retirement, disability or scholarship) and a stable financial situation. For some lenders, a loan for proof can be obtained by the unemployed, who have no creditworthiness, as well as those with low BIK scores and negative entries in business registers. Then a loan is offered as proof without earnings certificates – it is worth finding out more about it.

How does it work – loan for proof via the Internet?

You can apply for a proof-of-loan loan on the lender’s website. To do this, you must complete the online registration form that provides personal, contact details and information about earnings, expenses and other things that affect the customer’s economic situation. The identity is confirmed by an online transfer to one of the loan company’s bank accounts. Then, waiting for the loan application to be considered, which is verified on the basis of the information provided in the form and the data from BIK and BIG. The decision to grant a loan or to reject an application is received by e-mail or text. The money is paid to the bank account from which the transfer confirming personal data was made.

Online proof loan – how much can you borrow and for how long?

In loan companies operating on the market, the first loan for proof via the Internet can be obtained in the amount of one hundred zlotys to over one thousand zlotys. The loan amount plus the commission for granting it should be returned in full after the selected period has expired. Most companies grant loans for a period of one day to a maximum of 90 days.

How much does an online proof loan cost?

The online non-bank loans market is very extensive. A huge number of loan companies offer new customers the first loan for proof via the Internet for free. These include lenders such as Vivus, NetCredit, EasyKredyt and SohoCredit. In other companies, the total cost of the loan is the sum of its amount and commission for granting, the amount of which on average accounts for 20 to 35% of the loan amount.

Evidence loan via the Internet is a dynamically developing product. Demand for it is constantly growing, every now and then new non-banking companies are offering such a loan to customers. No wonder – it is simple, fast and inexpensive and is often the only solution to temporary financial difficulties faced by Poles.

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