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Loan without income certificates

Instant payments via the Internet, issued for an ID card without income certificates, have become a popular financial product. Poles are increasingly using this type of loan. No wonder, after all, complicated procedures and high demands placed on banks remove more than 7 million citizens from the group of potential borrowers. Therefore, the only solution to temporary financial problems for them is a loan without income certificates.

In popular loan companies such as Wonga, Vivus, Filarum, each loan application is verified on the basis of information provided by the customer. They have the form of a statement. Loan companies do not require any documents confirming income, such as earnings certificates, annual PIT tax settlements or employment contracts.

They verify the applicant only in BIK and BIG and if they are not indebted and have no very negative credit history, they grant him a loan. The decision to grant it is also influenced by individual aspects of a single client, such as the amount of income declared by him, monthly expenses and commitments, education, age, housing status or the number of dependents.

The loan is uneven, the process of granting it looks slightly different in every company. Some lending companies confirm the amount and source of income during a telephone conversation with a potential borrower, others do not make any attempts to contact the client, and others call the employer’s number provided in the application to directly verify earnings and employment.

Instantaneous proof or a loan without certificates is currently a very popular financial product, offered by dozens of Polish and foreign loan companies. It is a convenient form of financial assistance provided for a short period of time, which is worth getting interested in if you cannot take advantage of bank loans and credits.

The offer of non-bank institutions includes short-term loans, the process of obtaining which does not include verification of clients in the following databases: ERIF, the National Debt Register and the Credit Information Bureau. These products are primarily focused on indebted people who have a bad financial situation. Customers with a negative credit history and presence in the databases mentioned above are not able to take advantage of loans and credits offered in banks. Non-bank institutions are the alternative.

Loans without bikes – what is the maximum amount?
At the very beginning, it should be said that financial products in colloquial language functioning as so-called loans without loans are very popular in Poland. These types of short-term loans are in the offer of many loan institutions and companies, thanks to which the choice among individual loans without checking the bases is really wide – without any problem we can choose between interest rates and commissions.

What should not escape our attention when discussing a loan without a bik is its maximum amount. While, in fact, the lower limit is usually not determined by non-banking institutions, the upper limit – according to the common rule – is about 5000 PLN. There are, however, cases of companies and institutions available on the Polish market that offer loans without debt, krd and verification in other databases, significantly exceeding five thousand zlotys.

It should also be said about the maximum loan repayment period, formal requirements and the process of obtaining this type of financial product. The time for which we can take out loans without a credit card is a maximum of 60 days – but this is not a rule, and in the offers of most non-bank institutions this time is 30 days. It is also worth emphasizing that the money obtained as a result of accepting the loan application may appear after 15 minutes – of course it depends on many factors, such as, among others, the speed of the transfer between the institution’s bank and the client’s bank account.

Loan without bik and krd – how to get it?
It would seem that obtaining a loan without a loan is a very complex and difficult process, which in practice almost never ends with the acceptance of the application. Nothing could be more wrong. The process of obtaining a loan without a loan takes place entirely via the Internet. It is enough to have access to the network and fill out an obligatory form, which can take us up to several minutes. We will also be informed about the acceptance of the form online, of course if we meet the formal requirements. To be able to get loans without a loan, you must be at least 18 or 21 years old (depending on the requirements set by the non-bank institution), have an ID card or provide proof of income or a statement of financial standing. Persons in financial difficulties and having a court bailiff can also apply for a loan without a loan in a non-bank institution.

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